The age of education verses technology. It seems that one does not compliment the other but we can change that. Our current education system was developed around the time of the industrial revolution way before the digital age so it’s a battle that will continue until one gives in.

Our education system was developed under two different headings:

  1. The Economy– We want to educate our children to grow up and get good jobs and have a stable financial income for their future but in recent years we have raised out standards. But having a degree no longer always means that you’re guaranteed a job. The current education system was not equipped for this change, this increase in economic standards. There is more people competing for the same job, there are more skilled available workers, there are more specialised degrees in different fields. The current education system was not ready for this change and we are doing nothing to help it.
  2. Culture– Through the medium of education we want children to learn their cultural identity, or so that was the initial plan. We want each person to know their history and individual national culture but this has become more difficult in recent years. In this day and age we are after globalising the whole world in anything we do. This has all become possible through technology. Yes we should have our own national cultural identity but it’s more difficult now because we a much more influenced by other countries, More so now than we ever were before.

These two fundamental headings have become a nuisance due to the addition of the revolution of the digital age. Technologically we are constantly progressing and moving forward whilst our education system seems to be at a point where it’s standing still. There’s no progression and no regression we are stuck in an old system that seems to be taking us nowhere new.

We can see subtle changes being brought in step by step but nothing that would be so significant to keep up with the ever developing technological changes. Changes such as interactive whiteboards being introduced to classrooms and kindles being accepted as text books. We seem to be a generation that lacks a high concentration rate and people blame that on social media, iPhones, TV and computers but it’s not our fault that we were raised in an era where we learn fast, process fast and develop even faster. The old education system seems to be colliding with the current technological age. Neither benefitting each other.

Is it fair to keep powering through with an old broken system? It seems almost physically impossible so sit through and hour long class whilst a teacher lectures/ reads a section on the same topic. We have the internet for that now and for us to maintain entertained and hungry to contribute in the education system it seems like it would be necessary for this sambals to be updated and renovated.

It’s a two way street, Education needs to entice and inspire me and I must help education progress to entice and inspire others. It’s a backwards system that needs to be changed.


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