Name: Laura Dadgar Philpott
Student Number: 115305436
The digital tool I chose is ‘Dropbox’. I began my search for a digital tool on ‘’ and was surprised to find so many familiar names such as ‘twitter’, ‘Tumblr’ and ‘Zotero’ but I picked ‘Dropbox’ because I have previous positive experiences with it.
I was first introduced to this tool when I was taking part in a musical theatre production. It was suited to this field because the director would record each harmony line and then send it to us via ‘Dropbox’. This instant way of sharing our rehearsed work was highly beneficial in perfecting the pieces. We were instructed to install this perticular software to access these files and I found the set up system very easy. I just downloaded the application on my phone which was free and then proceeded to make an account. It offered me 2GB of storage and a very simplistic layout which made it easy to access all my files whether it be on my phone or personal computer. This option was the free trial period which lasts for a month.
I opted to go for the free trial but there’s another option to buy ‘Dropbox Pro’. This offers you 1TB storage space that allows you to remotely store your data in a cloud. The mobile application also automatically backs up all of your photos and videos on the same cloud remotely. This effortless synchronization is a very attractive feature to this digital tool and the enormous amount of storage available is extremely useful.
I got the most use out of this digital tool when using it in relation the college work. This tool provides a vital service where you can send the work you’ve completed in college to your ‘Dropbox’ and then it’s accessible anywhere you have your phone or personal computer. This lets me avoid the treacherous activity of emailing all my files to myself and instead automatically saves the files which insures this data will not be lost.
Although ‘dropbox’ has a vast amount of positive attributes there has been one fault in their system, they’re customer service system. Maybe because their layout is so simplistic they feel it’s unnecessary, but I fear that it’s possible some consumers may find themselves in a difficult situation without a helping hand from the ‘dropbox’ company it may turn them off using this digital tool. This company has been set up for the last 6 years so I thought they’d be better equipped to dealing with customer service issues.
Following picking my digital tool I decided to do some additional research on the tool and found that there was a website set up in association with the brand. I thought on investigation that this digital tool was mainly directed towards businesses. This would work against the brand because I believe there is a much bigger target market out there and much more variety in the types of customers that would make use of this digital tool. The company is limiting themselves in focusing on addressing businesses.
In conclusion I found the application/digital tool highly efficient with their quick and easy saving system. It was also impressive that they managed to make this complex idea come across in a very simplistic manner. The company ‘Dropbox’ have made this very user friendly and I sincerely appreciated it. In contrast they still have minor flaws to work on. Such as, their customer service skills. I believe this company has many more opportunities sitting on their doorstep which they should take advantage of. I only believe that this digital tool will continue grow and expand in the future and will become a daily utilised application.

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