Currently in our Digital Humanities lectures we have been focusing a lot on ‘Data Curation’. It is defined as follows; ‘ Data curation is a broad term used to indicate processes and activities related to the organization and integration of data collected from various sources, annotation of the data, and publication and presentation of the data such that … Continue reading Zooniverse



  On my reflection on last year I found it to be an enticing experience that has opened me up to much more things than I had anticipated. Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect when I first entered the course, I had never heard of ‘Digital Humanities’ and was quite skeptical about the … Continue reading BADHIT


The Quipu project is a new interactive media documentary that I have been introduced to recently, through college. It gives a voice to the impoverished and violated women and men of Peru who were forcibly sterilized throughout the 1990’s under the ruling of president Alberto Fujimori. In the 1990’s the Peruvian government released a new … Continue reading QuipuProject

Open Street Mapping

Name: Laura Dadgar Philpott Student Number: 115305436   Open Street mapping   This month’s assignment consisted of part taking in mapping a place in the world through the digital tool that is ‘Open Street Mapping’. The task at hand was to map out four different tiles and validate one other. Initially you are required to … Continue reading Open Street Mapping

Discovering digital tools

Name: Laura Dadgar Philpott Student Number: 115305436 The digital tool I chose is ‘Dropbox'. I began my search for a digital tool on ‘dirtdictionary.org' and was surprised to find so many familiar names such as ‘twitter', ‘Tumblr' and ‘Zotero' but I picked ‘Dropbox' because I have previous positive experiences with it. I was first introduced … Continue reading Discovering digital tools

Education vs. Technology

The age of education verses technology. It seems that one does not compliment the other but we can change that. Our current education system was developed around the time of the industrial revolution way before the digital age so it’s a battle that will continue until one gives in. Our education system was developed under two … Continue reading Education vs. Technology